How to keep your life together, or at least in a notebook

This is the year of keeping it all together! This is the year that you will remember everything! This is the year, that you will start keeping a bullet journal!

There are a million things to keep track of everyday. For each person, there are different important items and things to track. Do you need to write a to-do list everyday (Yes, yes you do!)? Or track your water (yes, you need to do that too)? Do you want to, you track what you want to, you make it what you want!!

There are so many planners out there, especially now in the new year, so how do you find one that keeps track of all the things you want to keep track of? We all want something that is just a little different. So why not make it yourself?! No, don’t make the actual journal. But make your notebook work for your life!

what is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is whatever you want it to be! How awesome is that!? It can be a simple to-do list keeper, or help you track everything. Basically it is just a notebook that you use to help keep your life in order.

But why do YOU need to start keeping one? Because why spend $25-$40 on a planner that has a meal planner and a notes column when you can make something that works even better for you? If you are skeptical of the ‘DIY’ nature of a bullet journal, don’t feel like you have to make all the designs yourself. I print calendars every now and then. I also sometime see something on pintrist and copy it for my journal.

So, you’ve got your new notebook, now how do you set it up? Well, like I’ve already said it’s up to you. Most people start with a table of contents, but you don’t have to! I love sticky notes, so I just have sticky notes to label none daily pages. I have a goals for the year page, a cleaning page, a blog ideas page, a quilts I need to do (with due dates) page, a money tracking page, and a running tracker page. That might seem like a lot, but think about how many planners I just cut out by putting it all in one place.

I also do monthly pages, and a page for each week. The weekly pages are mostly just to-do lists, but I also keep a few other things on there. Here is an example of a month page and a weekly page.

On my month section I list all the important dates for the month, my goals, what I want to do on a daily basis (even if it is just 2 or 3 minutes). On my week page I have my goals, and what I am thankful for. For each day, I put what we are doing for dinner, how much I want to run, and my to do list for at home and at work.

So have fun with this! It is really just for you, so make it how you like to see things! Try out a few styles, change it up every now and then! And if you are creative, add some doodles just for fun! Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the importance of keeping a journal! Last year I kept a very detailed one and it helped my heath in so many ways! (I’m doing the same this year too!) I’ve kept a sewing journal for many years with pics/drawings of the clothes made and scraps of fabric used, stapled to the pages. We NEED to have some form of organization in this chaotic world. I really appreciated the parts of YOUR journal where love was shown and support was included! WE NEED more of that too! Thank you so much for this post! All the best to you and your family! ❤


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