No time to read? Try listening!

How long has it been since you were able to read a whole book? A month? A year? Since college? Since…high school? or longer?!


It’s hard to find time to sit and read, I know! With the exception of kids books, I think I sat and read 2 books, and even then it took me over 3 months to finish each one! I did however go through over 20 books last year! How did you do that without sitting down to read?


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As a person who struggles to sit still, has a million things going on, and likes to go for runs; this has been huge! I can go about my day, do my to-do list items, and still ‘read’ books! I also listen in the car on my way to and from work. I have listened to books that are serious, where I only listen to them as I walk around a well known area (so I can focus). I have also listened to books where I don’t really need to pay attention, and I can go about my to-do list while listening to them. There are so many books out there to listen to!

Listening to a book can also make a long drive go back very quickly! Growing up my family drove from San Francisco to Oklahoma City once every other year. None of us could agree on music, so we each got to pick a book on tape (this was before iPods, or mp3s) to listen to on the drive. It helped so much! We actually liked each other (for the most part) at the end of the 30 hour drive! My husband thought I was crazy, but on one of our first driving trips to Disneyland, we listened to “The life of Pi”. It was the first time he had listened to a book, and we were both so into the book, that we shared headphones in line for rides to finish it! Our 8+ hour drive seemed to take only a few hours with the distraction of a good book.

How do you listen?

I use an app called Audible. It’s an amazon company, but they have millions of books on their site! There are also tons of books you can listen to for free from your local library! Most smart phones will be able to play books from an app. You can also listen on a computer, or even a CD! There are also youtube videos out there of the audio book. There are tons of ways to listen! But really, try it! It might make it easier for you!

I have recommended audio books for kids too! 

If you have dyslexia, or know someone who does, then you know how hard it is to read. Just the act of actually decoding the words, it’s hard!! That does not mean people with dyslexia don’t like stories. Some of the most animated story tellers I know have dyslexia. It’s just reading is hard, so they don’t read much. Audio books is a life savor for these people! As someone who is a special education teacher, I recommend audiobooks for so many of my kids! I actually put it in their legal plans, so teachers have to offer assigned reading with audio. You might be thinking, but wait, doesn’t that just create a way to let them off the hook? Nope! I always ask my kids to follow along in their books as the audio is going. It helps them to hear the words as they see them on the page. Since the actual decoding is hard, it is super helpful to hear someone else read it. I’m not a neurologist, but, there is something that happens when kids hear and see the words; it just clicks! If you are a middle school student reading this,  no it does not mean you can get away with just listening the rest of your life! You still need to practice the actual act of reading with out the aid of the audio. It just helps for books that teachers assign that students have to write an essay about.


Audible does offer a free book when you sign up, but the books are sold (which means you have to pay!). I am not a seller, or paid by them, just a super satisfied customer!  Also, check your local library for free audio books! 🙂

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