Summer Quilting projects

Oh my, what a summer it has been!! Being 8 and 9 months pregnant in the summer in not recommended for keeping cool (or keeping your cool). I did not want to go outside much, except to put my feet in the pool! So, what did I do all day inside? Find projects to work on!

During the last part of June, I wanted to get all the nursery stuff ready. After that, I had an urge to get ALL my quilting projects done! I had to move all my sewing stuff into a chest, and I realized how much fabric I had! It almost didn’t fit! But, my sewing closet is now a baby closet, so it had to move.

During the first week of July I had some pregnancy complications, and was told I had to limit my activities. They said no house work, but I asked about quilting, and they said yes (woo!). So, I really had nothing else to do all day, except nap and quilt 🙂

Since I already finished our baby quilt, I decided the next top priority was one of my best friend’s baby quilt! She is due in November, so I knew if I didn’t start and finish the quilt this summer, it wouldn’t get done in time for baby, or maybe not ever! So, I decided to do a paper piecing baby quilt. *I am working on a paper piecing post, which will hopefully be done before Christmas (who knows with a new baby around!).* My friend and her husband are not finding out the gender of their baby, so I tried to find baby-ish looking fabric in my stash, and use gender neutral colors. The blocks in the paper piecing book I used come out to 9X9, so I knew to make a baby quilt I needed 3 blocks per row, and 4 rows. I decided for time I would do every other block a solid color, and the remaining different pieced blocks. I had a lot of blue fabric, but since it needed to be gender neutral,  and babies spit up on quilts, I did the background and sashing in black. I wanted to get make sure the quilt was done and sent to New York, so I did a very simple X pattern of quilting.  Since I was working on it all day, I didn’t stop and take many pictures of the progress. Here is the final quilt.


Once I was done with that one, I went back to my list of unfinished but late quilts. One of my best friends asked me a few years ago if I would make him a quilt (if it wasn’t too much trouble). So I decided I could finish a quilt for him by his 30th birthday (that year)… fast forward two years, and I’m still not done! So, I decided to finish it! He had requested a classy looking but trashy quilt. So, if you look close in this picture, you will see pin-up fabric, girls in lacy swim suits, mermaids, planes, beers, and girls on motorcycles.

I decided to shorten the main part of the quilt to make it faster to finish. However, after I did that, I realized it wouldn’t fit on his queen size bed! So, I needed to make the boarder crazy big. Since that would look tacky, I decided on a multi-layered boarder. It will go, red, blue, more triangles, and a second round of red. Here is what I was able to get done before baby girl came! I am hoping to finish the top quilt by Christmas, and use my friend’s mom’s long arm to quilt it (fingers crossed!).


So that is how I spent my last child-less summer! It was a hot summer, so sometimes it was a lot of be using an iron. But, it was fun and I hope even with a kid, I’ll still be able to get an hour or so in of quilting a week!


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