Dino-Might 30th birthday party!

3 years ago Jurassic World came out, and I fell in love with all things Jurassic! I was too young to watch Jurassic Park when it first came out. When the second and third one came out, I was again too young, or did not care about it since I hadn’t seen the first ones. When the 4th one came out, my husband wanted to go see it on opening day. I went thinking it couldn’t be too bad, so why not.

IT WAS AMAZING! At this point, I’m sure I do not need to write a summary of the movie. Later on that month I confessed to my husband that I had never seen any Jurassic Park movie before. He made sure to fix that! We watched all 3 of the older ones in a month, and then bought them all. I now can safely say I have seen the original Jurassic Park and Jurassic World more than any other movie. Ha! I know, I’m obsessed!


When I found out the second Jurassic World was coming out the weekend before my 30th birthday…. I freaked out! That was the prefect theme for my 30th birthday! So I started planning! And then I found out I was pregnant and some of the plans needed to shift since I couldn’t drink…. No more Dino punch 😦

I tried to look around for activities for adults to do at a Dino party, but I could only find kid activities. So I decided on my own.

Drinking game while watching the movie!

jurassic park

Since I am pregnant, I could not actually do this one. I drank my soda water while others drank wine or beer (it was a tame party!). We ended up not doing this fully, as there was a child present, and we all started talking so we lost track of the movie.  But here are the rules:

1 drink every time Hammond says “Spared no expense!”

1 drink every time Dennis is eating something

1 drink every time Dr. Grant looks or talks about being nervous around children

1 drink when Dr. Malcom makes a sexual advance to Dr. Sattler

When someone is eaten, everyone should do a Dino roar!


Feed the Dino (corn hole)!


Again, I forgot to take a picture (doh!), so I’ll google and see what kind of picture I can find. This picture is a link to where I found this image. So to do this, I took a tri-fold poster and cut a hole about 3/4 of the way up. I then drew a T-Rex (kinda, it looked more like a 3 year old drew it) with an open mouth where the hole is. I then cut the sides at an angle so it would stand up on it’s own. It was not super sturdy, but it worked.


Fun food!

Here are all the fun foods I had.


Wings- “Carnivores”

Veggie tray- “Herbivores”

Bread Sticks- “Dino Bones”

Chips and Guac-  “Dino scales and gunk”

Filled Pretzels – “Dino eggs”

Pizza- “Pizzasaurus”


There you have it! A dino party for a 30th birthday!

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