Sleep with a new puppy?

So you got a new bundle of joy in your life? A little puppy! You’re are probably wanting to just love on your puppy all day! But what about at night?


Most puppies, like babies, can’t sleep through the night. There are a few reasons why they need to get up.

    1. They have tiny little bladders!! They will need to get up to pee! The rule of thumb I heard growing up is a dog can hold their blades for the number of months they are plus 1 (so a 3 month old dog needs to pee every 4 hours). These puppy pads (link below) saved us and our carpet. We put two out each night. They usually were clean in the morning, but if we kept them in the playpen with Chewbacca while the sun was up and he was awake, they would get torn apart.  (Another good use we heard from a friend is they make good baby travel changing pads).


2. They don’t have a normal sleep pattern yet. Just like babies, puppies sleep 18 hours a day, but not all once. They will wake up when they feel rested. And after a quick 5 minutes of play, they will fall asleep. One way to help keep your puppy asleep during the night is to take them on a half mile walk right before bed. This way they can empty their bladders, and get tired out from a walk all in one!


3. They want to make sure you are still there. Puppies (and sometimes full grown dogs too) do not have the idea of object permanence down. This is a fancy way of saying, they will see most things as new each time they see it! They know you (as their puppy parent) are around, but if they can’t see you, they will make noise to make sure you are there. They just want to be comforted. Again, this is similar to how a baby will cry until their mom holds them, they just want the reassurance. Sometimes putting an worn shirt in the create or playpen with the puppy is enough to keep them calm.


I hope these 3 tips help you get as close to a full night’s rest as you can! As the puppy gets older, they will start sleeping through the night better! Remember, they are just babies! Enjoy this short time of their lives!


Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


One comment

  1. Great information! Your puppy is adorable! And YES! enjoy them while they are little they grow so quickly!!! Hope you are feeling well and as excited as ever for your new bundle of joy!!!! ❤


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