Secrets to a fun book club!

I was a history major. I love to read and talk about the books, and how the topic might have had an effect on different parts of history, or if there were things that the topic could have changed if it had happened earlier. One of my best friends (also a history major) and I can argue history for hours! My husband has always found this funny, interesting, and then annoying. One day he started joining in on our debates, and the debates got richer! It was really fun to have all three of us with our very different outlooks on life and backgrounds talking about a similar topic. Soon after, I suggested to my husband and friend that we all start a book club. We read a history book, we drink some whiskey (to help with conversation), and we talk about it. They agreed, but said we need more people to start a club.


I talked to a few of my history friends, and we all agreed this was a great idea. We started out with a book I had been interested in reading. I assigned someone to be in charge of the booze, and my husband took charge of themed food (it was a German book, so German food). The first club was a little awkward but so much fun! After that we got a few more people to join, and have been meeting every other month!

Our German food, with the book also on the table!

Some keys to our success:

  1. Don’t take your self too seriously! Yes, we all like history. No, we don’t all have time to read the full book. Yes, we all say a stupid comment now and then. No, we don’t have the same background. Yes, we are all respectful, but can also take a joke!
  2. Come with a few questions prepared, but let the conversation flow. Some of the best discussion have been spin offs of the actual book question. Do have one point person who leads the discussion though.
  3. Don’t be afraid to use some liquid courage. Some people need a little prep time to be open enough to share your ideas. There are some non-history major or teachers in the club, and they are a little shy. We did come up with a bourbon and books club after all….
  4. Theme your food! Even if it is just pizza with a fun label. Food always taste better when it is themed šŸ™‚
  5. Step up, step back. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth about the book, but don’t hog the conversation either.

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