Our baby quilt! (Part 1)

OK. I have made at least 10 baby quilts, but choosing a pattern for my own baby seems to be impossible. What if I like it, but my husband thinks I’ve done a better one for someone else? What if in a few years, my kid doesn’t actually like it? What if I choose the wrong materials, and it doesn’t match anything in the nursery?


When I voiced these concerns, my husband just looked at me and shook his head. He did his best to remind me that the quilt (like all others) is really about giving our child a nice thing that they can keep and use forever.


Things that I have tried to consider as I choose a pattern:

  • Will it hold up on its own, as well as look nice in pictures of baby playing on it?
  • Will the fabrics I choose stand up to lots of washing?
  • Can I use fabrics where the baby can learn colors or animals?
  • Can I make it big enough to let the kid grow into it, but small enough they can lay on it when they come home?
  • Lastly, can I make this pattern before baby comes home??


With this list in mind, I knew I wanted to find a new pattern that I had not done yet. I also knew we are planning on having a Winnie the Pooh themed nursery, and that we will add gender specific details once we know the gender.

I decided on a modern block pattern. This way, I can use Pooh Bear fabric, as well as other animals and colors. The pattern also looks easy, so I can get it done while prepping the rest of the house for baby, and working full time (I have 4 months to finish it!).

The pictures above are the baby quilts I have done in the past. I got the pattern I finally picked from a book, so I am only going to post the picture of the quilt from the book, not the pattern or any specifics.  I am going to alter this just a little so it fits more of a crib size, not a full bed.

To be continued….

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