Pregnancy Announcement to the world

Once we had told our families we were pregnant, I was a little more relaxed about telling others. We wanted to tell the world in a cute, but very us way. We are a little nerdy, a little fun, and have always treated our puppy as if he were our actual child. We knew we didn’t want anything too cliché, but we also wanted to have Chewbacca (our dog) help us announce.  I have complied a list of ‘inspiration’ photos with commentary for this post. Don’t worry, at the end I’ll show you how we choose to announce!


announcemnt 1Credit: (–cute-pregnancy-announcement-we-are-having-a-baby-announcement.jpg)

We liked this idea, but our ultrasound did not have as clear of an image. It also doesn’t let us use our puppy to announce. I loved the shoes in this picture, so I did want to use shoes somehow.

announcement 2*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto

This one seemed like it would be prefect for us. However, some of both of our families don’t like that we drink. We also have a few friends trying to cut back, so we thought we would try something more universal. And this still doesn’t include our pup!

announcement 3

This was looked really cute!! We really thought about how we could get Chewbacca to sit still for long enough to get this picture. But, we can’t get him to sit with anything on his head for even 1 second, much less 30 to 60 seconds to get this picture. It’s a cute idea though.

announcement 4

This was a top contender. However, we were a little lazy, and didn’t want to get a sign or have  anything made. I also know a few of our friends think we treat our dog too much like a child (but I don’t care!), so we thought we wouldn’t give them more fuel for poking fun at us.

announcement 5

This was another top contender. We love that it gets all the family in it, and we don’t have to be in it! But then we thought about a way to tweak it to also use the idea above.

We finally came up with…….

Baby_AnnouncementWe were able to get Chew to sit still by saying ‘wait’ and I held a treat above the camera as Chris laid on the floor to take the picture at the right height. Chew was so good, and sat for about 10 shots. We ended up going with the first one we took. My dad is an amateur photographer, and he loves all the style we put into this picture. It so far as gone over really well with our friends as we announced on facebook.


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