Easy meal prep for a week of lunches

Well it is…. and it isn’t. If you are like most people I know making your lunch is just a pain in the butt every morning. Or you get lazy and decide to go buy lunch instead (and this gets expensive!). Meal prep is about 30 minutes of work for an entire week of already prepped and labeled meals! If you do the math on how much of a time saver it is, you’ll be surprised. It takes my husband about 8 minutes each morning to pack his lunch. That’s 8 minutes to pick out snacks, put left overs in a smaller container, and fill a water bottle. 8 minutes each morning, means 40 minutes a week!

Anyway, meal prep can be as easy as making a family size meal on Sunday afternoon. We usually go to my in-laws on Sunday nights, so I try to cook and have everything ready to go by the time we would have to leave to go to their house. I try to do a quick and easy meal, 30 min or less. Something like a baked chicken breast, or pan seared pork. I also do just one side, the veggie. I figure most snacks are carb based anyway, so no need to make a starch for lunches. Here is a pork meal prep I made a few weeks ago.


The receipt for this pork was very easy.

1. A little olive oil heated over medium heat.

2. Salt, pepper, and poultry spice mix put on the pork.

3. Then put the pork in the pan, about 6 min on each side. When the pork has about 1 min left, put cherry tomatoes and about 2 tbs Balsamic in with the pork.

4. I also had a bad of carrots that I could steam in the microwave.

5. Since lunch does not require a full pork chop, cut the chops in half and put into containers for the week.

In total, this meal took me about 20 min start to finish.

I will try to add more super quick recipes as I use them.


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