I am a wife, a teacher, a quilter, a dog mom, and soon to be a human mom too! I love looking at other people’s ideas, and suggestions. One day, I was writing with my students, and thought, why do I always look at other people’s blogs? I should just start my own! So, here is it! My patchwork of life!

My hope is that this blog will have a new entry each week on either quilting, teaching, family, or cooking. These are the patches that hold my life together, and I am excited to share them with you!


My little family is currently, my husband, myself, and our 1 and half year old schnauzer.  We are also expecting a new member in August. As you will find out in this blog, we try to be organized but sometimes life happens. Especially with a cutie on the way, we are trying to ready ourselves for the unknown! We trust in God to help us with challenging times, and celebrate with us in joyful ones.


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  1. I think it’s great to lead by example! Writing with purpose will be a wonderful journey for you and those who you share with! Thanks for the lovely picture of you and your family! Just beautiful! Congratulations on the expected addition! 🙂


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